• United States Patent - AERATION SEPARATOR - Patent Number: 4,946,044 - Date of Patent: Aug. 7, 1990

    An aeration separator for separating lighter and heavier materials in a separation chamber in which the material flows through a downwardly sloping passage in thelower region of the separation chamber toward a lower discharge while air flows upwardly through the material to aerate and agitate it to separate the lighter

  • United States Patent - APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PNEUMATICALLY CONVEYNG BULK MATERALS - Patent Number: 5,494,381 - Date of Patent: Feb. 27, 1996

    A bulk material conveying system includes a closed chamber having an inlet and an outlet and a conveyor communicating with the chamber outlet for receiving bulk material from the chamber. A pressurized gas is supplied to the upper portion of the chamber and to the conveyor to provide a pressure differential in the chamber which causes the bulk material in the chamber to flow through the outlet and conveyed through the conveyor. A pressure regulator is provided for automatically maintaining the pressure in the upper portion of the chamber at a predetermined value not to exceed a pressure sufficient to maintain the pressure differential during normal material flow rate conditions.

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